Anniversary Party Invitation

A Bit of Etiquette:
What better way to celebrate years of wedded bliss than with a fabulous party! As always, when sending invitations, keep in mind that sooner is better. A rule of thumb is two to four weeks before the event to allow guests to arrange schedules and purchase gifts if applicable. Also remember that the bigger the city or if your event falls on a Holiday weekend, even more notice is required.

The vital statistics to include on an anniversary party invitation would be: the purpose of the invitation, the name of the guests of honor, the significant anniversary being celebrated, day and date of the event, time, name of place, location of place, name of host/ hostess and an R.S.V.P. if desired.

If the party is a surprise this should be explicitly explained and details given on different arrival times etc., so as not to spoil the surprise. If lunch or dinner is being served, this should always be pointed out on a party invitation, otherwise guests will assume there will be the usual finger foods, cocktails and cake and will eat accordingly before coming.

Most etiquette references will tell you it is completely inappropriate to mention gifts on a party invitation - even if your intent is to request "No gifts please." It is also considered in bad taste to include such verbiage as "No children allowed". Therefore, if this is your intent, a few well placed phone calls and word of mouth will have to suffice.

There are endless ways in which to word an anniversary party invitation and we have included some standard wording as well as some of our favorite more creative options below:

Sample Anniversary Party Invitations

Sample Anniversary Party Invitations